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Appointments' Post

This post is for threading with Namikaze Minato anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals (voice or written) to get in contact with him for personal conversations. This will be used primarily for 'placement' threads such as: someone left a present or 'by the way, come to this party on such-and-such' or the like.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]
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action [july 11th] ALL THE THREADS

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[Nightly rituals are probably one of the things that never changed with Minato and Kushina even while they arrived in Luceti. Once things got settled, they had their house, they had grown a little more used to having a grown up son sharing the house, they fell into the same routine with their extra person.

But by the end of the day, when the two were alone in their bedroom, it was easy to fall back into habit. Where Kushina would sit on the bed and brush her long red hair until it was like silk when you ran your fingers through. Here, they get to talk about things concerning them or even where Kushina just gets to chatter about things that might have happened to her that day and Minato would sit and listen.

Or there would do nothing at all and but enjoy the comfort of one another's arms -- something they thought they lost.

Kushina is attuned enough to Minato's moods that she knows something is up and stops brushing thick plaits of red hair to settle her brush in her lap. She looks at him with soft, probing eyes.]

Something's wrong.
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action [july 11th] my inbox is empty now ITS WEIRD

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[Immediately she gives him a blank look as if to say 'now I know something is definitely wrong'

For it happening during her birthday, her certainly kept both their minds off of it AHEM needtoreplytothatstillhrrng

The bed sinks with his weight and Kushina shifts to face him fully to wait for him to talk. She softens her face a bit more out of it's mask of sarcasm, knowing when she doesn't look open to discussion about anything, he usually tries to tell her it's nothing until she gets impatient and tells him to spit it out.

So she first inquires with a tilt of her head.]

What happened?
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action [july 11th] eeee last for me too so i can nap @v@

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[She's close to just telling him to spit it out again.

Long? And why wouldn't she be okay? If something is bothering him she wants to know so she can help him figure it out. Because of everything else that has happened so recently she bites her tongue and just waits and gives him a small nod.

She might interrupt though, can't help her mouth.]
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action [july 11th] hisssss

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[She had a feeling this was about SOMETHING like that. All she does is tighten her grip on her brush for a moment before settling closer to Minato, and then taking one of his hands in both of hers in a silent prompt for him to keep going and as support.

If it's about the masked man, it isn't going to be easy. 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' And that rang true for Minato and Kushina, too.

Frustration flashes across her face but she settles when she feels Minato's hand in her own. Her shoulders hunch forward and she slouches, trying not to sigh. The masked man... he was an enigma.]

Then who? Does anybody know? Does anybody have a clue?

[There's no relief from knowing it's not Madara even though it had been bothering her since Konan explained some of it to her. Now they're as lost as they had been that night. Unless Kakashi told Minato more--]
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action [july 11th] and it's the fluffiest

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[There isn't a reaction for a long time except the sudden statue-like quality her body has taken. She feels cold and the heat of Minato's hand doesn't register anymore.

She tries to picture Obito behind that mask but all she can see is his smiling, silly face and those orange goggles she had told him she really liked at one point and how he had adjusted them and puffed out his chest in response and how his behavior could pull a smile from her no matter how irritate she could be.

Carefully, after too long, she turns to look at her knees and tightens her hold on his hand.]

But he died, didn't he? We all gathered around the memorial. You told me... he was crushed under a boulder.

[Kakashi wouldn't lie. Minato wouldn't lie about something like that to her. If it's a joke, it's pretty shitty. She can tell it isn't though by the look on his face. She can already hear him and the doubts in his mind about his own short-comings and if he had done something wrong.

So she tugs on his hand, ignoring what this meant to her, looking somber but earnest when her eyes lock with his.]

It wasn't your fault. [She says it firmly, and again to get it into his head.]

It wasn't your fault, Minato, I'm sure of it.
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action [july 11th] give me all the uzuhuddles

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[Kushina is just as quick to reply.]

You can't guide the dead.

[Or supposed to be, anyway. Believed to be. They had mourned him and maybe that Obito... really had died to be reborn with someone darker and more twisted as he had killed his sensei and his wife and threatened their newborn child in place of someone Kushina had been fond of.

Moving her hand around, she laces her fingers through his slowly, her slim digits finding the spaces between his so they lock.]

Sometimes the brightest lights burn out the hardest. [Another squeeze. What she wants to know is what made him CHANGE? Obito was always trying to prove himself (to Kakashi, to Rin, to Minato) and he burned brightly. That took a lot of effort and it's like he just crashed and went out after his 'death.']

Stop blaming yourself. If anyone's to blame it's the people that keep putting the countries at war and creating this sort of mess, destroying homes and lives. You know how war is -- it can change people.

You can't guide someone that doesn't want to be led, either. [Her eyes search for his and a tentative smile pulls at her lips. It's obvious she's referring to herself a little here, too. To show, she pulls their interlaced hands up to her face and lets his knuckles rest there on her soft cheek.]

Ya know?
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action [july 11th] BLUE 42, SET.... HIKE UP THE FEELS

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I'll remind you every day if I have to.

[And that's a promise.

But he's not the only one that's hurt and confused and conflicted. Obito was Minato's student, by default they were almost like her students too because she had to guide Minato how to handle them at times. Especially Kakashi.

To think Obito even had a little bit in him that he could betray his village, betray his sensei like that. Betray Rin... even though she was dead, her spirit lived on.

She reaches up and grips his wrist with her other hand, pressing her face into his palm. It's been a view on life that bad things happen and good things happen. Usually with the bad, there was good. This time though, she fails to see any good that came out of knowing Obito was their murderer.]
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Re: action [july 11th] CRANK DAT SHIT TO 11

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[Why is she surrounded by idiots who blame themselves for everything? At least she's here to ground him and remind him if he takes the world on his shoulders he's only going to collapse under the weight. She's here to lift it all with him and she WILL remind him to stop blaming himself if she has to.

She'll put a not in his lunch every day that doesn't say 'Stop blaming yourself' but 'I love you' because if it was his fault, how can feel this way about a person that ruined it all.

Minato was the fastest ninja on the planet, if he wasn't fast enough there's no one in the world that could be.]


[She closes her eyes slowly and guides his hand down to her heart and it beats loudly. And the reason it does is because of him. It's only fair that she return the favor of him always being there for her, for loving her when she was lonely and had no one.

Kushina smiles for him instead because she knows he can't.]

Thanks for having me.
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Don't thank me. I want to be here. There's no where else.

[If he didn't hug her soon, Kushina's sure she would have. She's a little surprised he does though since she's was the affectionate, the passionate, the soft-hearted. It wasn't that Minato wasn't, Kushina just picked up on feelings a lot more quickly than her TOO FOCUSED husband.

Funnily enough, she was the one that was more aware of others.

He doesn't NEED to thank her. She's the one that can never express her gratitude that he actually needs her, that he wants her.

She just makes a small noise of surprise and then wraps her arms around his waist, locking her fingers and burrowing her face into his throat. The way she clutches back to him is a reminder that she's here -- whenever he needs her. Even if it's for something as simple as a hug like this.

'We'll be alright, Minato.'

They always were. Somehow. If she didn't believe that for as long as she lived, if she didn't work hard and give everything to make sure it could be the best it could be, she wouldn't be Kushina.]
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Re: action [july 11th] ALL THOSE SAD SONGs

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[It's a lifetime to her but that's how it always feels. Because she gives him everything she has from the start of her out of control life to her early death and beyond -- to their time here in Luceti. He can have all of it, if he wants.

The same for Naruto.

The redhead has matching cheeks to her hair when he looks at her so intently, eyes darting to the side. They drift back after a moment and her expression finally cracks a little, showing concern.

If Obito was here, if Obito showed up as a smiling kid that was late to anything and everything and harbored an obvious crush on Rin...


How could she hate that person, despite what he became? She couldn't. She doesn't even think she can NOW, if he came here as a debased shell of himself that released the seal on her body...

And yet she knew the risks, knew it was possible things could go very, very wrong. She was realistic, if not pragmatic.]

Yes. Konan said there's always a chance, for anybody to come here.

[There's a thoughtful lift of her gaze]

We need to find a way to break down that barrier, before then.
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[Before now, Kushina hasn't had much incentive to do much about the barrier. There were no bad experiments (other than the weird wing things) and her life was happy with Minato and Naruto. Even happier than she could have imagined.

But the future is unknown and Minato or Naruto could be threatened. She's not okay with that.

Of course, Minato's been doing his homework. He's the nerd of the two of them. It's not a bad thing either because he balances them out. Kushina was street smart while Minato was incredibly book smart. A genius.]

If this world wanted to, it would bring whoever it wanted from whatever time it wanted. That's what I heard. You can't stop an entire world, can you? Can it think for itself?

I think the Malnosso is the problem. They're the ones doing the experiments and all the messed up crap around here. Being here wouldn't be bad if those guys were just out of the picture. If they're the ones that put up the barrier, maybe we can break it down.

I just don't know how!

[And her specialty is seals and it's FRUSTRATINGGGggg, even Minato couldn't find anything about it either]

They're just a bunch of cowards, hiding like this.
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action [july 11th] LKGJLkdjksjdg

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[Kushina grunts.]

The only conversing I'll be doing is introducing them to my fists, ya know.

[She says this under her breath, in irritation.

The drafts picked people and sent them to fight, didn't they? Minato would be good at that, she would bet. Not that she would be okay with it. They've fought in enough wars as it is.]

... You should do it. [Besides, she knows he probably WANTS to anyway. Why bring it up?]

I know all of Naruto's friends are ninjas too but I couldn't have a good conscious if I sent one of them out even if they've done it before. Even Kakashi or Gai. But Minato you're strong, and we've been in wars since we can remember. And you're smart. I bet you could get all the information you need and even more than that if you wanted to. I bet you could beat the Malnosso on your own.

[A small sigh escapes her and she leans against his side.]

But if you do go be careful, okay?
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action [july 11th] i wanna hear u siiing *v*

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[She didn't know that. It frustrates her too.]

I'd go with.

[After a moment of silence, of them just sitting there and musing, Kushina falls backwards on the bed to stare at the ceiling. Her red hair spilling all over the bed.]

But someone has to make sure Naruto eats his vegetables and cleans his room and does his chores and doesn't let him get into trouble.

[Finally there's a smile, directed at the ceiling though. One way to lift the mood.]

action [july 11th] puppy eyes

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action [july 11th] waaaa

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action [july 11th] TITANIUM

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