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• 001st flash

[Action; LOCKED to Kushina and Naruto]

[The mission was nothing like he had ever experienced back home if only for the setting, the potential enemies and the people (he'd like to believe they're human, at least) behind the mission itself. Patrol work isn't foreign to Minato. He had done missions of this nature countless of times in his career as a shinobi. He had assigned and deployed people to missions of this nature countless of times in his career as Hokage.

So to say this was different was no overstatement.

But it was probably an understatement to say he's feeling very, very cold at the moment.

Having just gone from a jungle, he didn't expect the weather back home (or back in Luceti) to be like this. Granted, he had been to numerous other countries especially when he was still an ordinary shinobi so this kind of weather shouldn't be too unfamiliar to him. However, he didn't anticipate Luceti also has this sort of weather.

Clutching on to his left arm searing with pain and loosely wrapped with bandages, Minato focuses on his renowned jutsu. He had placed a seal in every room in their house so all he has to do is to concentrate where he will end up.

In a brief gust of cold wind, he arrives in he and Kushina's shared room with a semi-tattered Hokage cloak filled with snow and scratches.]

Hah... I didn't expect it to be this cold.

[It's said in a whisper as a form of greeting to his wife. Amid the frigid air, there's a soft, warm smile on his face. His nose is red from the cold and his fingers, all filled with scratches, are subtly shivering.

He decides to take a step forward but he forgot about the gash on his leg that grew numb from the freezing weather.]

[End Action;]

[Video; much much later]

[This time, Minato's effectively wearing a blue scarf around his neck and a warm, snow white sweater. He doesn't look as if he had been from a tiring mission at all!]

Hello everyone, did I-- Ah, Lee, I apologize for having missed your birthday. I trust you had a good time, though? [There's a sheepish grin for a while before it straightens up.]

Aside from Rock Lee's birthday, did I happen to miss anything else while I was gone? How's everyone holding up? I hope all is well? I, for one, am not used to this kind of weather.

[Done with checking up on everyone like he's the Hokage, Minato cuts off the feed and punches on a filter.]

[Private to Shikamaru; Unhackable]

Are you still feeling ill, Shikamaru? I have some information I'd like to discuss with you in person when you're in a better condition. Do contact me when you receive this message.

Thank you.

[End Private;]
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[The horror novel Kushina had her nose buried into, the three blankets she had wrapped her body in, goes flying in every which direction at the sudden appearance of a body in her room. And Kushina follows not long after, limbs flailing before she's moving into a defensive stance and ready to fight off the sudden intruder. HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE

Minato hadn't left on the best of terms with Kushina. She had been angry at being left out and Minato going off on his own without at least a little backup and sending Kakashi out there on his own too.

But all she can do is stare, open-mouthed at the flurry of snow and cold Minato brings with him into their room.]


[Whatever their fight had been prior to his departure is forgotten and she barrels at him, tripping over blankets and books she had thrown away in her haste to defend, with desperate and open arms. Before his leg can give to pins and needles, she catches him. Always with the entrances and the one-liners -- just like his sensei. But her reactions are just as full of life. She slams a bit harder than she should into that injured body and wraps him in her arms. He's all cold and frigidity and snow and Kushina is warmth and enveloping and a cozy robe.

She almost cringes from the difference in temperature but then just grips the back of his coat more tightly,trying to bleed her warmth into his chilled fingers and red face. As she stands there clutching to him, the snow melts off his coat and her smile into the fabric of his coat.]

That's all you have to say?
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I forgive you.

[Of course she does. She always does. It's obvious she missed him too or she wouldn't be holding to him like he's her lifeline. Sometimes, he was.

Kushina understands his duty intimately, she had to live through it with him when she would watch him deployed without her. They both had to fight without the other a few times and with each other. Kushina was prone to dislike the times he was out on his own (no matter how strong he was) and cherish when they were together.

There's a sigh that releases all the pent-up frustration and sadness at being without him and she feels like she's one person again. It's strange how you can feel so empty without just one person.]

You really are freezing. Come here.

[And she finally pulls away just slightly and leads him to the bed. On the way, she picks up all the blankets with her warmth still lingering in the threads and sets them on the bed. The lighter one is picked up and she flings it over his head before reaching up and drying his face and hair with a smile, rubbing at the blond.]
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hehehehehe /leaves one before bed ;3;

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[The Yellow Flash, not prepared? Sounded pretty rare to her. She doesn't comment about it, only continues drying his hair and making his face less red from the cold and more from her fussing.

She jolts a bit from his cool fingers and looks down, eyes narrowing at the scratches there. Her teeth bite at the inside of her cheek and her other hand brushes his knuckles gently. It really was like a mission back in Konoha, during the war. He was coming up all banged up and smiling just for her.

His hair dry now, she wraps the blanket around his shoulders and then works on wrapping the other ones around him. With the last one, she wraps it around the both of them as she clambers into his lap as gently as she can, straddling his thighs and goes on a motor-mouth spree;]

I've been busy, still trying to fix that crater. It's harder to keep it green with the winter coming in. Konoha never got this cold and I can't remember the last time I saw snow. Not to mention the last time I had to experience it. Whirlpool hardly ever got snowfall and if it did, I was way too young to remember. Konoha just gets really cold and rainy, not snowy. It's sort of fun though... I've been thinking about starting a snowball fight once there's a bit more on the ground. You can be on my team. I don't know if Naruto wants to be on our team or not. To be honest, I want to be the one to nail him with a few snowballs.

And it was Rock Lee's birthday, you know Naruto's friend? It was his birthday just a few days ago. He had this obstacle course at his party and there were quite a few people there. There was this weird... hologram, I think of Gai there too. All he did was give thumbs up a lot and tell everyone good job. I miss having the real Gai around though. He reminded me a lot of when Kakashi and all those kids were younger because he hasn't changed that much from what I remember.

[Nothing is mentioned about her 'fight' with Vegeta. And her cheek has healed up nicely! Even without Kurama helping her healing, she mended up pretty quickly.]

I'm not really sure what Naruto is up to but whenever he comes home he always asks if you're back yet. He'll be in for a surprise. [A small smile and then it drops.] I caught him feeding vegetables to that rabbit again. [GRUMBLE.] Maybe I should find a new home for her. That's why I want to throw snowballs at Naruto for not listening to me and eating his vegetables. I don't think that little bit at a time thing you mentioned is going to work. Was I that rotten when I was younger?
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i ddidddd hope you had good day <3

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[That wasn't entirely his fault. Kushina had been upset so didn't remind him to bring certain things when normally she WOULD because she's a fussing mother and wife. The snow definitely took Kushina by surprise, since she wasn't used to it at all. There had been a few trips to the shops for blankets and coats and earmuffs and scarves until the Uzumaki family was fully prepared for whatever the weather dished out next.

Her first reaction is to scowl at him and rub him a bit more roughly with the towel until she drops it. But she can't keep the expression for long because it's probably true, so she laughs a little with him and is glad she's grown up a little too.]

If I was him, I would use it to get the upper hand and make it more of a challenge for me. Plus, there will be more targets to hit.

[Her grin turns a bit more mischievous until she lifts his hand and brushes the scratches with her thumb again, very gently.]

Are you hurt anywhere else?
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[Maybe she doesn't need him for snowball fights but it would still be lots and lots of fun to be a team like old times. I mean look!

She blinks at his subject change because she was busy staring hard at the scratches and wondering if he was acting like it was nothing because he didn't want to get fussed over. Minor injuries were still injuries and Minato didn't really get hurt that often. Or at all, since they had been in Luceti.

She snorts quietly.]

You'd probably hit everyone before they could blink, ya know?

[She shoots right back and then stares into his eyes.]

I'm not worried. I know you can handle anything and that you're fine but if you're hurt I want to see what they did to you.

[She doesn't know it but she grabs his injured arm to hold it in her lap.]
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[NOOO //////

Her eyes narrow and her brow knits as he tells her his injuries. A cut wasn't so bad, not compared to a giant claw in running you through HA... HAHA.


Her fingers brush the bandages gently and it's as good as job as Minato usually does. It reminds her that Minato is probably good at everything he does, even basic first aid. His wrapping is probably better than what she could have done with only one hand.

She flusters a little at his wincing, eyes darting around his body for the other injury before he tells her it's his leg. She scrambles off his lap and then grabs him and shifts him onto the bed more (carrying him princess style) making sure his leg is up there with him and ELEVATED.]

I'll do it.

[She rushes off to their medicine cabinet and grabs the leftover bandages and disinfectant, etc she had gotten with Kakashi. She hadn't really considered she would use it on Minato but here she was.

Using it on Minato.

When she comes back she dumps everything on the bed next to him and works on rolling up his pants.]

Why couldn't you bandage it?
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[So that's how Kakashi got his bandages. She can't really be angry at him for taking care of his student and in the end Kushina had helped too. Now, she was helping Minato with his own injuries.]

Yeah. I saw him when he got back. The bandage was bleeding through so I helped him clean it up and rewrapped it for him. He's fine, just a little banged up like you.

[What WAS this mission they were even on? She wants to go out there and beat the crap out of whoever hurt Kakashi AND Minato. And after that, turn her fists on Malnosso for assigning a mission like this OTHER people could take. People that weren't Minato (or Kakashi, by extension but she's still very protective of him and doesn't want him going out on dangerous missions) and could get hurt even more than he was.

She gets to work on Minato's wound, looking like she's concentrating hard on it.]

So you ran out of bandages.

[It's a little huff.]
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[When Kushina goes out there next, she'll know to stay on her guard at all times. Only she doesn't have the kyuubi to help her out of tough situations she can't handle on her own. She never thought she'd miss the feeling of that heavy and massive chakra residing inside her.

At times, she feels so light.

Her disappointed frown fades and her eyes dart back to wrapping up his leg. He probably should have taken off his pants so she could get to the wound better but she worked with what she had. His leg was injured and she didn't want him jostled around anymore.]

You're safe and home, that's what matters.

[His leg is all patched up and she sets everything to the side on the nightstand next to the lamp. Then she's rolling his pant leg back down.]

But I'd love to go on that mission. I'll beat the snot out of whoever hurt you and Kakashi.

[She punches an open palm with her fist.]
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[She doesn't want to bicker about this right now and she knows Minato's strategy is solid, basic even for ninja, but she doesn't want him to go out there and be hurt again.

Maybe she can take Naruto with her, instead.

All she does is narrow her eyes at him before collecting the blankets and draping them over his body. Then she moves onto the bed herself and lays next to him with a deep breath.

Her eyes close and she enjoys the feeling of Minato next to her again in their bed. It's been a long time since she's had to be alone, even with Naruto right around the corner in his own bedroom.]

We can talk about it later. I'm just glad you're back.
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[At his arm moving around her, she shuffles even closer and tucks her face under his chin, breathing on his throat and breathing him in. He doesn't smell the greatest but under the dirt and sweat and days of not bathing she can breathe just Minato in too.]

I can call him in here.

[She offers and smiles a bit against him.]
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He should be barging in any second now.

[A slow grin appears on her face.]

I have an idea.
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Just a little embarrassed.

[She promises before she wriggles closer and is content just to trace the muscle in his neck, the line of his jaw, and fingers the blond hanging down his ears.]
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all i want is minakushi but IM ON HIATUS

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[Of course he would say that, he's getting all that affection right now from Kushina. She smiles up at him and then tips her chin up to press a light kiss to his mouth, fingers pressing cupping his jaw softly.]

yes me too dslgkjdslkgs

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