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[Action; LOCKED to Kushina and Naruto]

[The mission was nothing like he had ever experienced back home if only for the setting, the potential enemies and the people (he'd like to believe they're human, at least) behind the mission itself. Patrol work isn't foreign to Minato. He had done missions of this nature countless of times in his career as a shinobi. He had assigned and deployed people to missions of this nature countless of times in his career as Hokage.

So to say this was different was no overstatement.

But it was probably an understatement to say he's feeling very, very cold at the moment.

Having just gone from a jungle, he didn't expect the weather back home (or back in Luceti) to be like this. Granted, he had been to numerous other countries especially when he was still an ordinary shinobi so this kind of weather shouldn't be too unfamiliar to him. However, he didn't anticipate Luceti also has this sort of weather.

Clutching on to his left arm searing with pain and loosely wrapped with bandages, Minato focuses on his renowned jutsu. He had placed a seal in every room in their house so all he has to do is to concentrate where he will end up.

In a brief gust of cold wind, he arrives in he and Kushina's shared room with a semi-tattered Hokage cloak filled with snow and scratches.]

Hah... I didn't expect it to be this cold.

[It's said in a whisper as a form of greeting to his wife. Amid the frigid air, there's a soft, warm smile on his face. His nose is red from the cold and his fingers, all filled with scratches, are subtly shivering.

He decides to take a step forward but he forgot about the gash on his leg that grew numb from the freezing weather.]

[End Action;]

[Video; much much later]

[This time, Minato's effectively wearing a blue scarf around his neck and a warm, snow white sweater. He doesn't look as if he had been from a tiring mission at all!]

Hello everyone, did I-- Ah, Lee, I apologize for having missed your birthday. I trust you had a good time, though? [There's a sheepish grin for a while before it straightens up.]

Aside from Rock Lee's birthday, did I happen to miss anything else while I was gone? How's everyone holding up? I hope all is well? I, for one, am not used to this kind of weather.

[Done with checking up on everyone like he's the Hokage, Minato cuts off the feed and punches on a filter.]

Private to Shikamaru; Unhackable )
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This post is for threading with Namikaze Minato anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals (voice or written) to get in contact with him for personal conversations. This will be used primarily for 'placement' threads such as: someone left a present or 'by the way, come to this party on such-and-such' or the like.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]


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